Ron Mueck

Date: March 30, 2010 Category: Events

a self potrait of his head,

Warning some images will look horrible so click them to be able to see the Full Res.

Sorry about the late post, but last week the Pseudo Ape team visited the NGV to check out an amazing melbourne born sculptor Ron Mueck.
Ron Mueck is an amazing realistic sculpture creating peices from half a meter to one thats 5 meters. The details on his work is remarkable as you can see things like pores, wrinkles and veins.

Ron Mueck began his career by working for Jim Henson as a modeller and puppeteer where he worked on the Storyteller series. He also worked on Labyrinth and contributed his voice for Ludo.

Further into his career he started working on create realistic props and animatronics for advertising but only created sections which were going to be shown. But as time grew he gained an urge to create full models that can be viewed on all angles.

For more info check out his wiki but to see more work scroll down