Custom Designer Toy

Date: June 18, 2011 Category: Design, Print

Hey all, I thought I’d share VISEone today. Custom designer toys have been popping up everywhere for the last year or so and so I thought I’d post this artist since he’s done something fresh.
I this set VISEone cut up comic books and pasted it onto several different custom toys, giving them the personality and look of a different distinct characters. The toys have also had work done on them, from textures, tears and such to help encapsulate the characters and also let the strips sit well.
Heres an except from his behance post.

Here I combine my love of Designertoys and Comics. I use any platform and strip their skin to show what comics appear underneath the surface.

Related to the Comic Theme I often use sculpted elements to fit the theme.

Mixed Media: Apoxy Clay, Collage Technique, Acrylic Paint, Decals

Check out his account on Behance
Check out his website