Filthy Media – self branding prints

Date: June 17, 2011 Category: Design, Print

Welcome stranger or friend; franger; well, it’s night time in the streets of Melbourne, and it’s been raining and super cold, which is kinda awesome, until the nose starts crying.

Anyway, now its time for some eye candy goodness without the black tinted van.

Love the business card! the triplex stocks used in these are so visually enticing it gives me design drool … and then theres the foiled filthy typeface which puts you in a euphoric daze.

A Philosophy quoted from the Filthy media studio

“We strongly believe in the value of print, so as a print-based design studio, we feel it’s important that our stationary is a showcase of what we can do within the medium. We created a bespoke logo that was then embossed across all of our stationary, creating a latex texture on uncoated paper. We used a color palette set in black & white, with a hint of turquoise to demonstrate the attention to detail we like to achieve with all of our projects.”

All printing and finishing produced by Generation Press.”

Overall radical graphic design studio; and heaps of inspiration seen and awe to be felt;
also props to generation press for the quality in these prints.

Now links to the source;

FilthyMedia studio
Generation press