Pseudo Ape v2 BETA

Date: June 6, 2011 Category: Events

We are proud to announce the launch of Pseudo Ape v2 BETA, its been a long time coming but its finally here. As you can see we’ve amped up the look of the blog compared to the old look we had. We’ve also finally got a logo. We will be posting more on that when we’re launched Pseudo Inc. our parent company.

About the Beta release. Pseudo Ape is an unfinished blog, it will keep expanding and grow with time. Currently there are many things in work to push it better, for example a better content view, which is currently in development. We are also looking at re-implementing a comment system we’ve taken it out now as it got spammed hardcore. We are also in the middle of designing a more customized looks for each type of posts to let the content sit better.
Whilst were still in development we’d love to hear from you, as you are the audience we’d like to know what you think the blog should have or any changes you feel would be better. So don’t hesitate to email us, the link is in the footer on the left hand side.

If you have any artists, pieces, etc you’d like to see featured in the blog again to hesitate to email us, as we’re always looking for more content.

Thanks, The Ape