Final Cut X – Conan

Date: July 4, 2011 Category: Video

This blog is mainly known as a design/arts based repository but sometimes you find something which is in a sense relevant but doesn’t fit perfectly this is one of those things. In the past couple of weeks as you would know majority of the editors in the world had a fit. Very much like the episode of Aunt Erna in the I.T Crowd. Even our editor at work had a fit, screaming out cusses while kicking at the floor thanks to Final Cut Pro X. What Apple dubs a revolutionary new way to edit, powerful media organization, and blazing performance. In a sense this is true, it does change the rules of editing, its a bigger improvement in performance but for Pro’s its a disasters if they included all the new features into Final Cut Pro 7 that would be great but the changing of the rules is what makes it difficult and makes you question the Pro. When I first saw screen shots of the new Final Cut the first thing I realized was are they at the right unveiling, it looked like iMovie. I actually said the same thing when my Boss, and mate said they’re going to NAB because Apples going. I joked around sayings it’s probably iMovie Pro with much of the features that you can get in todays standard pro apps.
When they came back they were excited talking about how amazing it is, yet they never actually saw anyone edit with it. Well when it finally came out I had a huge grin on my face hearing my mate going nuts as I made the move awhile ago. But I digress, I guess when it comes down to it, there are many features of Final Cut Pro X, which are good, it’s just the bending of rules which Apple is known for which ruin it. I think this is the final nail on the coffin to say that Apple is moving away from Pro, and trying to really make headway with the consumer market which is sad, considering for awhile it was the Pro’s who supported Apple.

With that huge arse rant I’d like to put up Conan’s parody of Final Cut Pro X and underneath that my much favourite type of parody from Downfall enjoy. Also I don’t know if you realised it but we do have a facebook page, like us so we know we got readers lol.