Memory Tapes – Yes I Know

Date: July 13, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, Video

This video is reminds me a lot of Ryan stylistically. The holey type of look. But overal the use of compositing on real video, changes the whole dynamics from the original. I’m finding myself stumbling upon videos like this where they use the same principles as the original but change it enough to make it much better. The mixture of shots from the big environment to the closed in composited shots, give the video a great amount of pacing, especially thanks to the soundtrack.

The random thing is throughout the whole video the only aspect that made me think was the water refraction effect used instead of lens blur.


direction and post: Eric Epstein
director of photography: Aaron Epstein
the guy: Ben Aufill
production company: m ss ng p eces
additional thanks to Robert Lopuski for suggestions and encouragement

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