Time and Space: Neckface Interview Part 1

Date: July 28, 2011 Category: Arts, Video

WARNING: The following footage contains details of a flashback tale, told by NECKFACE which may offend viewers; or viewers ears?, so if you are getting offended or get some sort of foreshadowing spider tingling six sense, I can only advise you to please pause the video immediately and go to this link here then this here to bring you back to earth; else continue reading this post and grab your one-way ticket to the night train.
(I like boiled potatoes and regret nothing.)

What’s a NECKFACE?; well his an artist; street artist?; but the sort of street artist that has those superhero anonymous spells attached to them; sort of like a Batman entity that has the art drive of a horrific demon possessed half-man bat and throws up NECKface around the city.
(Hmmm, that sentence was too verbose, but I don’t care because I’m a stegosaurus that invented lemonade.)

Well if you still haven’t heard of NeckFACE, I’ll only provide you what I can gather, which is this wiki page; not sure if it has any guninue truth but nonetheless a Google search of his name would spit his hell spawns for you to see what his about; actually I’ve give you a free one.

that’s about it; not much else I can talk about on him, OR can I?? but I shall not digress but, his rad; and has the love/hate sort of art style / personality / person / moral. (that’s a lot of but’s, two. thats not much. wait, what.)
So … the video; without spoiling it, it’s a interview style shot, shows him masked; talking about his art and a retelling of his adolescent life, which takes up most of the video; and the story is reenacted animation-aly?(portrayed in animation).

The end.
Bon appetit.

Wait here’s some screenshots;


source of the source: Link