Artificial Paradise, Inc.

Date: August 16, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, animation

Today I bring Artificial Paradise, Inc. a surreal abstract take to virtualisation of memories with bio entities accessing and moderating the databse. Well that’s I think it is. The stylistic approach to this video works well with the bio entities existing in a white/clean room and the memories living in a dark open world.

Here’s a grab from the vimeo description

Artificial Paradise, Inc is an experimental film anticipating a future where a major corporation has developed an unique software, based on organic virtual reality, which holds all the lost memories of humankind. A user connects to this database of the forgotten…what is he searching for?

Production : Condor & Jean-Paul Frenay
Director / editor / compositing : Jean-Paul Frenay
Main 3D artist / compositing : Sandro Paoli
3D artists : Sylvain Jorget and Sébastien Desmet
Additional 3D operators : Otto Heinen and Okke Voerman
Sound Design : Seal Phüric feat. Neptunian8

Distributed by Autour de Minuit and Onedotzero

Awards & Recognitions//
• Honorable mention for Artificial Paradise, Inc @ Fargo Film Festival 2010, USA
• Nominated for Best technical Realisation @ Animago Award 2010, DE

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Interview on Artificial Paradise, Inc made for Canal+ France :

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