SuperFad – Nike

Date: August 24, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, animation

Once again Superfad has done it again. We previously posted up their piece Eye Candy.

Superfad has created 2 videos for Nike, Talon and Hyperstrong. Just like Eye Candy they’re both epic. The use of time-shifts used in these videos help push emphasis on key area’s of the products, they also let you truly appreciate the little intricacies in both the work and the product. The use of metaphors in this was surprising because they weren’t just smart but they were perfect. When you think of gliding through grass you don’t think of using the wheels of a plane, the use of suspensions to show comfort fit. There very extreme but for sporting performance you need it to be extreme.

The animation is visually enticing, the details used from the little strings attatching itself to the shows, to the bounce when the wheels came back up onto the shows. Just like Eye Candy everything about it is perfectly calculated and it works. I’m not a exercise type of person, but after I finished watching the video, I started looking for a Pro Combat Hyperstrong and started thinking of going to the gym just so I can wear one.
Anyway video’s are below.

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