The Sandpit – Sam O’Hare

Date: August 9, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, Video

Ever since I was a kid and saw my first tilt-shift photo, I was always fascinated by it I only learnt its name in the past couple of months, so whenever I tried looking for them, I just go through tones of photo’s with only a couple of results. I think what makes me love tilt-shift photography is there’s a sense of nostalgia to the child in me. It makes everything look almost toy like due to the DOF which gives that miniature feel.

Through my searches I’ve never found a video that uses a tilt-shift lens, maybe its because I only learnt what it is recently but this video I found doing my daily rounds of Vimeo, is proof enough to go out and get one.

This video was created by Sam O’Hare and it’s brilliant having the tilt-shift look itself is the biggest reason, but the actual shots itself is cleverly done. Even if you own the lense or know how to pull of the technique digitally its nothing unless you have the right shots. Most of his shots have a great distance, but the use of angles and time brings out the depth and character of the scenes. Like the simpleness of traffic in daylight with an open space and natural surroundings, to the shift of traffic at night in the business district. If this was done the other way it wouldn’t feel right. The construction shots were very different but you get a sense of almost seeing ants on the discovery channel and then you get a jump to cars driving around to people walking. It’s a smart sequence were if it was done the other way you loose that worker ants under the queen ant aspect, which in my view is us and the queen ant is money.

So check it out below, this is one those videos I think everyone should see. I’ve also chucked up a couple of screen grabs and there’s also an about link below which features an interview which talks about the process and his equipment..

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