Droppp. by Hajime Nagatsuka

Date: September 29, 2011 Category: animation

Right-ti-ohs, making this short, because. I. Can.
This is a quirky yet well made but simple animation, SO it gets the cool beans on pseudo toast sticker of a approval, which is of course a animation scratch and sniff sticker!

So what is this about?

Okay, since you asked nicely.
This is about table tennis. Table tennis is a sport that involves a ping pong ball and small bats; not the flying kind, but sometimes I imagine what it would be like if it were so.
The ping pong ball sounds nice when it hits a surface, but I digress.
Just be man … just be. or a bee man.

So without further ado;

Droppp. by Hajime Nagatsuka

Vimeo description extract ( no peanuts)

Direction,Design,Animation,Compositing :
Swingo , Hajime Nagatsuka

Audio : Azam

We did this commercial for contest purposed.

Vimeo sauce zelda link: CLICK HERE GUYS
Not much on Hajime Nagatsuka, but visit his vimeo and give him some street cred.