Takato Yamamoto, The Heisei Esthiticism style

Date: September 23, 2011 Category: Arts

(WARNING IMAGE HEAVY, if you have a slow connection, stop the browser now, unless you like pretty pictures.)

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I’m about to smack you with some Heisei Esthiticism;
you: what you say?

Heisei Esthiticism style! it’s a style that Takato Yamamoto has coined (I think, don’t quote me on it); there’s not much in-depth information on him, well atleast what I can get my neon internet claws on anyway. Most have just copied and pasted his bio / information from the only official sites his got ( personal/agency) BUT, juxtapoz has an interview which may be of interest for you fans, also noblahblah.org has some art commentary for a bonus round. So basically its our turn to spit our 2 cents worth.

Takato Yamamoto is a good artist. The end, Here’s some stalker info:

The designer Takato Yamamoto was born in 1960 in Akita Prefecture in Japan. In 1983 he graduated in the department of painting at the University Tokyo Zokei. He then experimented with the style of ukiyo-e from 1991 to 1993 to finally define his own style which he named “Heisei Estheticism”. It illustrates so many novels, short stories and draw even magazine covers. His first exhibition was held in 1998 at Creation Gallery G8 in Ginza and is called “Heisei Esthetics.” Follow several books published by Editions Treville 1998 to 2006 as well as exhibitions of which abroad in 2005 in Rome at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery.

Nah I just playing; Let’s start the pseudo spit:
starting …. now; Takato Yamamoto style and theme is super cool beans that makes Leonardo Da Vinci himself want to collaborate with him. The details is a super intricate cluster of awesomeness, and the overall rad of it, should be made into a bootleg of a gangster rap/opera album cover that pitchfork gives some god-striking verdict; penetrating the the hipster tribe in the forehead like a harry film, which echos like a viral cat video and gains some sort of recognition to the underground moles which finally ripples to the surface of the blind, so everyone can appreciate it. “GETS THE PEOPLE GOING!

Okay thats it, enjoy the sauce.

Sauce please:

Alternative imagery hot spots for you lazy cats:

Artist interview with juxtapoz magazine :

Arts commentary:

ummm. also his CV, if you’re like a historian or stalker:
Takato Yamamoto CV