Joia Magazine Cover

Date: September 14, 2011 Category: Design

Here’s a cover illustration done by Grzegorz Domaradzki for Joia magazine.

I was asked to prepare a cover illustration for Joia Magazine issue 16. Since there was no particular theme nor subject for the issue and I was free to do whatever I wanted I decided to pay hommage to freedom itself and titled the illustration, simply – ‘FREE’.

/ Pencil drawing and Adobe Photoshop / 2010

It’s a cool concept which is well presented. When I look at the image I find it a struggle to comprehend, logically when you look at the positioning of the elements it doesn’t work, but it works here which is thanks to the colour and tones. The mix of blue and red help separate both eagles especially because they both sit on the opposite sides of the visible colour spectrum. Also the red eagle has more white than any other element in the scene (other than the background) and this helps separate it from the American Indian. The one part which completely throw me off is the text “free” I didn’t even know it was there til I read the description. Anyways check out the images below and check out the behance page to see the pencil illustration

Check it out on Behance