Nate Hanillan

Date: September 28, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, Arts, Design

This has been an artists which has popped up here and there on the blog and design sites, but it has only been recently that one of he’s pieces has hit the lime light. Nate Hanillan has won several competitions, 1st Place in 2 Gnomon competitions and 1 of the Deviant Art. But it’s not these pieces which has brought him the new fame. It’s his pieces Smurf’s which is an interesting take on the small blue charactes. The Uber real illustration conveys them as an evolved humanoid woodland creature, like a rabbit, chipmunk etc. But crossed it with mushrooms, not just scene by the hat, but with the mushroom texture on the legs.

I’ve also uploaded a few more of his pieces and you can always check out his Facebook page which has some WIP and his Deviant Art which has more volume than his Portfolio.

Original post from Geekologie on Smurf