Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn” – Awe-satic-some-ous unofficial music video animation created by Ori Toor

Date: September 15, 2011 Category: animation

Wow, that was a long splatter cheese strings of words for a main title . . .
So, we’re here again in the pseudo HQ and today we shall present the great Ori Toor, who has done this cra-zay coo-ool animation, or a unofficial music video for Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn”
A little something something, from what I can gather with my riveting tango with the interweb, is that he is from / lives, in Israel and has the powers of illustration and animation, which you will witness very soon; Like now, so enjoy. Peace on the streets.

This amazing Panda Bear song (Taken from the “Tomboy” album) was my obsession for a while. I couldn’t stop listening to it since the album came out so I decided to make a video for it.

I love improvising my animations. This time i experimented with some typography as well. See if you can spot It.

Awesome right? thought so, you have good taste my friend, stop again next time and have a safe flight.
Wait, here are your complementary sources and links for future travels.

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