Wei Ming

Date: September 21, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, Arts

I’ve recently been looking at concept art and the production side of 3D games and movies. Wei Ming suprised me when I saw his portfolio. Here’s a quote from one of his pieces.

Long time didn’t post at here, because i don’t have artwork which i really like i thought, this one is one of my old work was done last year, for a unsuccessful project, just use my old model rendered and photoshop touch up.so nothing to say it about, hope you like it a little bit.

This is something I’m seeing with a fair amount of artists, were they don’t think their work is great yet really it is.

Anyway’s Wei Ming’s work is amazingly complex and shows his attention to detail. You can see that he loves what he does because it takes a lot of passion to do the small details. Here’s a couple of images below and check out his CG Society Portfolio for more.

Click here to check out his CG Society’s Portfolio