Blur Part 1

Date: October 6, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, animation

This week were bringing you a Blur Studio special, this one of the top 3D animations studio’s around, known for create quality short animations which push the boundaries of 3D as we know it. Blur studio has become famous for their cinematics in the gaming industry from DC Universe online, Fable 3 and many more and I am happy to show the top 10 trailers I’ve seen of their recent works.

In each post I will do a short break down of each factor which this studio is prominent for, they are:


So for Part 1 were going to talk about the visuals.

I’ve dropped in youtube links to the 2 latest videos by Blur, Prey 2 and Overstrike trailers.

As you can see stylistically they are on par with one of the well known powerhouses in 3D Square Enix known for Final Fantasy. The models are perfectly built, they’re smooth and show a great amount of detail whilst stopping stretches during animations. The textures are perfect, showing off little pores on the skin to subtle textures on the clothing and scenery.
The specularity through the visuals are very subtle, they seem to have been dulled down slightly and then softened, I’ve found that due them been highlights they can have a strong weight on the scene, so using the technique Blur has used, makes it there but not enough to become a focal point.
The colour scheme is aesthetically pleasing and have a strong atmospheric aspect which also help give time. Let’s look at Prey 2, the high amount of blue’s is now a prominent colour scheme in futuristic styles, usually coming from the ambiance of lighting. The coldness in the scenery given off by the metal textures show off a highly urbanized epoch. A good movie to check out where you can see a contrast in colour scheme is The Fifth Element which has a similar atmospheric & scenery but uses warm colours instead.

Check out the video’s below and see what you get out of the Visual’s