Blur Part 2

Date: October 6, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, animation

This week were bringing you a Blur Studio special, this one of the top 3D animations studio’s around, known for create quality short animations which push the boundaries of 3D as we know it. Blur studio has become famous for their cinematics in the gaming industry from DC Universe online, Fable 3 and many more and I am happy to show the top 10 trailers I’ve seen of their recent works.

In each post I will do a short break down of each factor which this studio is prominent for, they are:


For part 2 we’re talking about lighting.
I’ve dropped in youtube links to the Batman: Arkham City & DC Universe Online’s 1st trailer, plus an interview and review of the trailer with the Director of Blur.

In 3D animation a suprising element which tends to get ignored is lighting. Even I ignore it, I only recently started putting more effort into my lighting. As you can see in these video’s is that lighting is the core aspect of adding atmosphere and emotions into a scene, the angle of the shadows and the colour of the light itself plays the biggest part in visuals.
Another element in lighting is the way it gets absorbed and bounced back on surfaces, which many leave the 3D rendering software to do. But by letting the computer do it, you lose control. When you view these video’s what you can see is that the bounce light is been added in by using another light as a way to accent it.
There’s another element in the lighting and that’s the use of volumetrics. You can see the subtle usage of it and it’s used as a way to soften areas. In some aspects it’s used to subtly remove people from scenes or just buildings.

Anyway check out the video’s below.

Here is an interview with Tim Miller on an overview of this trailer. It’s great to hear all the little aspects that were thought out through the process of making this trailer so definitely check this out