Blur Part 4

Date: October 6, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D, animation

This week were bringing you a Blur Studio special, this one of the top 3D animations studio’s around, known for create quality short animations which push the boundaries of 3D as we know it. Blur studio has become famous for their trailers in the gaming industry from DC Universe online, Fable 3 and many more and I am happy to show the top 10 trailers I’ve seen of their recent works.

In each post I will do a short break down of each factor which this studio is prominent for, they are:


Part 4 is framing / camera

I’ve choosen Bio Shock Infinite for it’s POV style camera and also Star Wars: The Old Republic for its varied camera.

The one thing I noticed in Blur is that it’s rare to see a locked off shot, the camera always moves, on fast paced shots the camera moves like someone is wearing a steady cam rig. I found that it’s something you don’t really notice but when you pay attention you start noticing the difference it makes as it makes you part of the action.

You can check out the video’s below and check out how they’ve used the camera.