Change the Picture

Date: October 20, 2011 Category: 2D/2.5/3D

Another great motion graphics piece. This is created by Gabe Watkins and it’s an info graphic motion piece which is really growing over the last couple of years. The great thing about this video is the mixture of 2.5D layering, I found by having this it removed the flatness in the video. The colour scheme is dark but also brightened up by the yellows. The eyeball concept was really cool, I found it to be a nice quirk having the darker circle in the head move, when I noticed it I found I was following where the eye was looking instead of where the animation was.

This project was done in cooperation with Rizon Media & Heifer International to promote change in Honduras. Great cause. Go contribute!

Initiative: Heifer International (
Project Commission / Management: Rizon Media (
Concept / Design / Animation: Gabe Watkins (
VO: Dan Amos (

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