Cheap joke by Ian Miller

Date: October 9, 2011 Category: animation

Sunday bizzaro animation pseudo time!
This ones about Ian miller’s radical animation short. Cheap Joke
It’s a fairly new animation I believe (few months old) , but there’s also not much information on him too, to confirm its release date; that or not I’m trying hard enough, but his animation are worth taking a look at nonetheless, unless of course you seen his work and put off by the style, which may be of an acquired taste for you newcomers, so you have be warned … maybe … where am I, and where are my pants?

I’ll probably be going to suss him out more as animation style is quite the eye catcher, but a quick Google search lead to his Vimeo page and an outdated blog, which I managed to acquire some background on him.

So here’s a little something on the man behind this, as follows:

Ian Miller is a recent graduate from the State University of New York at Oswego. He graduated with a BFA Studio Art degree and a minor in art history. He works mainly with drawing and painting, and has a concentration in illustration. Expression through art has played a large role in his life, and from a young age he has known he has wanted to turn what was once a hobby into a career. He has illustrated many short comic books for publication on the internet, and has worked on an independent school project with illustrator Frank Thorne. Before graduating high school he received a scholarship from his school for their recognition of his interest in art. While in college he has done graphic design work in the field of music, designing album covers and concert flyers. Ian will be graduating SUNY Oswego in 2008 and is interested in pursuing a career in creating graphic novels or animation.

Artist Statement:

I feel that as an artist, my work is a product of the world in which I live. I know this is a very general statement and is probably true of the work of most artists, but I feel that society and culture are important in art and can make pieces relevant to the time and place in which the artist makes them. Being a fan of realism and satire, I try and combine both elements into my art.

Being a fan of satire and graphic novels and other low forms of art, I like to exaggerate figures and poke fun at the world we live in. I feel that the world can be too serious at times, and it’s good to have a sense of humor about things. I have dabbled in cartooning and caricature, and while most of my formal art lacks any real cartoon-esque figures, I incorporate small elements many times when doing a satirical piece. Sometimes the best way to bring forth ideas of contemporary society is to juxtapose them against appropriated imagery from decades or centuries past. This can bring a certain humor or a certain shock value to the original piece. However, I feel that the most rewarding aspect of art is coming up with unique and original ideas.

Many times it is difficult to break out of certain comfort zones. I try and expand my horizons by utilizing many different media, such as paint, black and white drawing materials, and digital. Many times certain aspects of art cannot be achieved with certain media, so it’s important to be able to use as much different materials as possible.

Via Ian Miller’s blog.

Outdated blog

Original vimeo link