Koko the Clown sings “St. James Infirmary Blues” in Betty Boop’s Snow White

Date: October 6, 2011 Category: animation

Cab Calloway’s voice and the rotoscope animation of Koko the clown, of his iconic dancing = cooler than a tabby cat wearing a pair of horned rimmed glasses, painted magenta.

The music with the mixture of the animations gloomy theme, is quite haunting but beautiful in its own way; As it strayed from that typical magical path of the warm & cuddly talking creatures with that ever so bland, damsel in distress to a more interesting path, which lend to rickety bridge of life and death, well not so much death but its in the small print; but its not all bad, although I don’t think it was suited for the kids; well, I think it was for the kids, but we really just enjoyed it for the fact it was a cartoon, rather than the subject or narrative, because lets face it, at that age anything animated was like free candy.

That’s all. Enjoy the show.

Im a big fan of koko the clown cartoons with betty boop in it or other way around … so really I’m a fan of Max Fleischer cartoons, but anyway, here’s a silent animation with a musical soundtrack. Enjoy .. again?

Also here is the movements and singing/skat of Cab Calloway.
Awesome, he is.
(starts at 4:30, unless you rather watch it from the start, which I did, because it is awesome, did I mention it was awesome?)

Sources … well, you can just click the youtube icon for that. APPLE PIES.