Krink x G-shock

Date: October 21, 2011 Category: Arts

Sup dudes and dudettes, we’re going to show you some paint. krink paint. Delish! Wow, running out of words here, so I’ll cut to our new reporter copypasta with the deets on the subject/content/topic/ lvl 20 magikarp uses splash , super effective.

On Friday April 8th, G-Shock & Krink celebrated their recent partnership with a unique exhibition of Craig Costello’s work — “Spray Paint the Walls”

The signature Krink G-Shock watch, the DW6900KR-8, was on display alongside Costello’s artwork, an abstraction inspired by his history of working with urban environments and architecture. Costello sprayed gallons of paint onto the walls filling the white space with bold color from the ceiling to the floor, the diluted-paint dripping down in vertical lines forming a pattern. The color and shapes have an organic feel that contrast with the hard lines and shapes of the urban environment. Other walls featured small framed monochrome drawings created using Krink on paper and displayed a vibrant range of color.

For the private event held in downtown NYC, Brooklyn based duo CREEP and New York’s twin-sirens Nina Sky entertained an influential downtown crowd of artists and designers. Art, music, and drinks. Good Times!
Thanks to everyone who came out!

Produced by The Crystal Pharoah

Well put copypasta; I like paint, especially Krink drips, now on to the video people!

That looked like an amazing exhibition didn’t it? wish I was there, but this was back in April 2011, not sure what I did on that date, probably thinking what I would be doing in October, oh well … time to make a paint extinguisher.
I mean, not make one.

Here’s some links:
Original youtube sauce-pan