Kristofer Strom – Delta Heavy ‘Hold Me’

Date: October 29, 2011 Category: animation

Sorry for the posting delay, I won’t lie, I’ve been busy slaying dragons, so to make it up by doubling up the sushi-posting train, and might throw in a bonus one on sunday.
WHY? (you say, in a tone that only racoons can pickup … and me ) because. I’m like a leprechaun that sold out to live his childhood dream; A locomotive train conductor.

Don’t hold me to it though.

Okay, enough digressing,
We are gathered here to show you the awesome, the radical, with cat spawning attitude, Kristofer Strom!

(Girl in the background: WOOOOOOO!)

What was that?
So its an animated music video for Delta heavy’s track, Hold me, directed by Kristofer Ström and also animated by him and Erik Buchholtz.

What I love about this clip is the cats really, Everybody likes cats, and if you don’t, I’ll throw cats at you. No, apart from the cats, Kristofer Strom characters are really rad and the direction he places them makes it super fun to watch. borderline Japanese crazy but grounded like steamboat willy … on LSD, and experiencing a bad trip, but enjoyable to watch if you’re just the observer and not that taste tester. where was I? oh. you probably want to watch the video now. okay, here it is:

Video directed by Kristofer Ström.
Animated by Kristofer Ström & Erik Buchholtz.
Produced by Tamsin Glasson for Colonel Blimp & Blinkink.

Ain’t that some sh*t … Okay, now that you seen some of his work, here’s some background information.

Kristofer Strom is an amazing character designer and director with a hyperactive imagination.

His homemade video for minimalist Swedish techno duo Minilogue has clocked up over 5 million views on YouTube alone, garnered a smorgasbord of creative press coverage worldwide and won the “Best Budget Video” award at the UK Music Video Awards. Kristofer was even named ‘Face of YouTube’ in Sweden.

Since joining BlinkInk, Kristofer has firmly established himself as a prolific creative force in the world of commercials, his work constantly imbued with his unique sense of humour. Commercial success soon followed his first video with a busy two years doing a 360 degree re-branding of the UK’s largest mobile phone retailer, the Carphone Warehouse across TV, print, digital, and in-store.
Kristofer has also produced commercials internationally for brands including Sony Ericsson, Zonnatura, and Telco.

Music videos continue to provide a fertile environment for Kristofer’s imagination to wander, as seen in his second Minilogue collaboration “Animals” and more recently in the insane “Baltimore Clap” video for dubstep pioneer Benga. Kristofer has also created a singalong video for the amazing American kids TV phenomenon “You Gabba Gabba”.

Alongside all this doodling and directing Kristofer has continued to perform and release music through his solo project Ljubilden & Piloten, produce a multitude of limited editions prints and posters and even sustain a long-running popular blog of his daily commute’s iphone drawings:

— via blinkink

Now for the famous credit roll, hold on to your hats and fake moustaches people:

Kristofer’s daily Iphone drawings (Tumblr) – [ click here, they are amazing.]
Kristofer’s website, but directions to his blog since its not updated – [Here, or here, all links are the same in this sentence, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee]
Blinkinks about page on Kristofer [ here ]
Youtube account: [view here]

That’s it.

Alright people, now I’m finished. see y’all soon, like in the next 12 hours, give or take.

[Transmission terminated, Sarah Connah.]