Le Café (English Subtitles)

Date: October 13, 2011 Category: animation

Okay late night post, or maybe it isn’t, but I’m going by Melbourne time … so 11:15 pm, or maybe you might be friends with Dracula, so it may be early, but that would be a filthy lie! because we all know that Santa isn’t real.

*cue smoke machine* I PRESENT TO YOU MORTALS, Le Café!!!?! (minus the “!!!?!”)
It’s about a man, that drinks. coffee. the end. wait, it has a twist.

Release the screen shots, monkey servants with Dali inspired mustaches:

Now you have TWO options for your viewing pleasure:

Youtube version (with subtitle) – watch this first if you don’t know the french tongue … wait, this is not my jacket, mine was red.

Original (no subtitle, better quality )

Source papers:
“A day in the life of René, a coffee addict”

Created by Emilie Tarascou and Stéphanie Marguerite.
music: Oldelaf & Mr D / France / 2007

Produced by Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) © EMCA 2007

Oldelaf & Mr D: http://www.legrosours.com/

Original sauces:
youtube (+subtitle)
Do you want more EMCA animation?! click here friend, yeah right there.

Thats all folks, see you all tomorrow; first I park my car, swag.