Anthony T. W. Myers

Date: November 6, 2011 Category: Arts

Sunday blogging!
*breaks out the party poppers*

Okay, now stop. Hammer time.

Anthony T. W. Myers … full name?, I don’t know, but we are here for the art, no?
Just stumbled on this artist today, pretty rad if you axe me. cray fish, fish-olay moisturizer. Digging the style and themes, so if you are interested in more of this work, I’ve got the sources below. Now.. A little something about him;

A pasta copy slab of stringed letters from his pur-son-ale web-o-site:

Growing up terrorizing a small town in Oklahoma, Anthony spent most of his childhood exploring abandoned structures, getting dirty in creeks, and pestering his fellow neighbor kids. During his perilous escapades, he’d hoped to discover a new unrecorded aquatic species, a real live ghost, or most importantly a true friend that was at least half as crazy as he was. Whether or not these aspirations ever became a reality is hardly relevant. His childhood ambitions stewed and fermented in his soul and his head throughout his life. They evolved and spun into all humanly possible directions getting expelled and contorted through drawings, mud sculptures with yarn hair, homemade forts, puppets, and finger paintings in the process. If the neighborhood kids didn’t fear Anthony’s capabilities, they might have envied them. But mostly, they ended up loving him because he brought something unique and priceless to the town and to the world.


The sources that you ordered: (Portfolio) (Blog)