Joanna Krótka

Date: November 4, 2011 Category: Arts

Hi there folks, it’s Friday night in Australia, deadly venomous kangaroos are roaming and flying wombats saving the outdoor marsupial dames; also Halloween has pasted couple days ago, so without further ado and a hint of stale macabre air still lingering, we shall begin;

Today’s post is on … *unveils curtain while tap dancing* Joanna Krótka!
She is from Cracow, Poland according to the behance profile, her artwork is amazing cool like a mickey mouse costume with a hatchet … and the hatchet was made out of candy cane swirls; quite grim but in the most likeable kind of way, like a furby but not at night; I like it, that’s why we’re here.
There’s influences from all around, such as TV radical series Game of thrones to music/artist tributes like Fever Ray/Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson. How many can you spot? hold that thought. now let it go, because I’m blogging here. now I’m not or am I;

Her deviantart profile has more recent works but behance are in sets, so if y’all interested and I know you are, check the links below for more goodies.

That’s it for now, good day, good evening and good night; and enjoy.


Gooood-Byeeee friend.