The magical world of Nicole Claveloux (France)

Date: April 9, 2012 Category: Arts

Ello people & internet spider robots.
So it seems like we’re back on the ol’bloggin rickety train again.
Destination: Candy-land … TO THE EYES! – perhaps also the ears. Ear-eyes? no – that’s gross. Moving on.
*Puts on an Etsy vegetable linen, hand-crafted conductors hat*

Today, we’ll be looking in the magical world of Nicole Claveloux. (inner Moe voice: Yay..)
Umm… let’s cut away to some background information shall we? So everyone’s up to speed.

Nicole Claveloux (born June 23, 1940 in Saint-Etienne, France) is a French illustrator, painter, and comic artist.
Studies in Fine Arts in that city. Since 1966, illustrated journals, mainly in Bayard-Presse, and albums for Harlin Quist and François Ruy-Vidal, for Dalla parte delle toddler and Humanoids, for Lion Publishing and the Monte de Piedad de Sevilla, for Grasset Gallimard, Nathan, Crapule Productions,Casterman, Hatier, Ipomoea, Hachette, Albin Michel, the smile that Mord, Threshold, On Orbestier, Rouergue … Publishing and Being with Christian Bruel.Has always liked the pictures, draw and watch: picture books, tarot cards, miniatures, posters, advertisements, religious images and erotic pictures, laughing cow, BD, bookplates, cul-de-lampe, puzzles …Love the images swarming details, the jumble of characters (how schizoid), the inner landscapes, transformations, symbolic figures, cartoons, parodies, staged dreams, childhood memories, fantasies legged robots and funny, all sets of images.

Pretty good eyy. The dream-scape environment, clowns and babies that have clowns exploding from the top of their heads … quite noisy and playful but calm. clams; anyway, I’ve just selected these ‘surrealistic’ pieces because I can, and I like them – BUT, yes there is a but; Her works are quite vast in style so, do check it out on the links provided below; BUT. *cuts into a commercial*

{ Bonus round! }

Did you like her work? Fancy a bit more eroticism? Hold on to your horses turbo;
Let me see your ID

You must be over 18 or at least mature enough so your precious eyes don’t cave into your head … or get an adults permission because as a blog entity, we care for your safety, so responsible internet users, say no to drugs and candy vans with no windows.

Okay? Cool, walk with me.

Well this is a website dedicated to Nicole’s more erotic works, such as: toy sexy time, clowns and the English alphabet in the depiction of various sexual acts, and much more; well not in those words.
Here is a safe image example of her work:

And here is … of the more extremes; sort of, well depends.
( Oh — 18 over only please, unless permission has been granted, because we don’t have parental locks here, we are not controlled TV’s.)

For Big boy and Girls click here.

Did you find that a bit jaded, never fear, the link is here (For the dedicated erotic page that is)

Now for the Tomato sauce:
Official home page
Sexy time home page

Also if you are a repost fannatic and lurk in the realms of tumblr empire:

Wiki info, only in french. wahhhhh?

That was fun wasn’t it?

All images used here are created by Nicole Claveloux, people who say otherwise are LIARS. DIRTY DIRTY LIARS. Enjoy the rest of your day.