We’re Back Ape-ril-o-neil

Date: April 4, 2012 Category: Pseudo Updates

HELLO WORLD.TEST 1,2,3; is this thing on?

pseudo ape aperil

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Well the Good news; as the image above states … We’re indeed back from our ‘internet fishing vacation’ [slash] ‘epic space adventures’ [slash] Hiatus. What was that? How did we? Hamburgers? Well since you asked kindly with your eye-brow gestures, I shall oblige.

We built a rocket run by cabbages and classical music. where we found our pseudo doppelgangers (which we disposed of … just kidding .. no we’re not.) Rode on pterodactyls and engaged in the ol’race on pterodactyls thing, while dodging the venomous flying cat people. Saved the human race, returned home to blog about it. Time has past since then — Good times.

TL;DR : Back from a long blog hiatus, traveled by rocket, almost got bitten by venomous flying cat people, saved the humanrace, returned home.


Happy belated Ape-ril fools everybody!

WEOOOOOOOH. {Party popper attack}

But on a serious note, we are actually back— call off the search party.

Oh, we are also… wait never mind. Stay tuned.

This message was brought to you by the letter ‘P’
P + EE = Pee (An act of urination.)
Learning is the game of champions, don’t let anyone tell you any different, not even that crazy man next door that borrows sugar; His a giant cockroach, not as if I broke in and watched while he slept; wait, what. (Fades backwards into a ‘neighbor begone hedge‘)