Date: March 15, 2010

So you’re here to see what this blog is about? Well stranger, hold on to your toupee, as we enlighten you with this larger-than-life information that will change your life so drastically, you’ll wish you had found this blog sooner. As the eyes and mind thank you for the inspiration bestowed upon here, sparks and fireworks shoot out from the Pseudo Apes presence and redefines the meaning of awesome that you know of today.

We are Pseudo Ape, and we are here. We inherit a rock band persona, and have been forged from different design origins but as time has passed, we have now rendezvous in the pulsating heart of Melbourne and stabbed our mighty clan flag into the belly of the jungle that you call the internet.

We are armed to the teeth with design ammunition and this shall be your new sanctuary, as we provide you with the insight and inspirations of 2 different artists that contribute to this joint blog collaboration, which we call “Pseudo ape”.

Some say we surpass the awesomeness of Aqua man and his aquatic posse, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Pseudo Ape is owned and run by Pseudo Collective